WELCOME TO ELITE International Foods Inc. Strategically based in the city of Calgary, Elite International Foods has been providing gourmet quality domestic and imported foods to thousands of grocery and specialty food retailers cross Alberta, Eastern British Columbia, the Yukon and the North West Territories with direct to store delivery since 1997.  Experience our friendly, knowledgeable, timely, and professional service today!
Elite International Foods Inc. is focused on providing our customers with unique quality products and building strong customer relationships through outstanding service.

As the Western Partner of Canada Food Group, Elite Foods and its national network of distributors provide food producers and suppliers national distribution across Canada with regional responsiveness through its Canada Food Group partnership. Click here to learn more.

Elite Foods has a primary distribution centre and sales office in Calgary, a distribution centre and sales office in Edmonton and salespeople throughout western Canada. Elite currently represents many different manufacturers and importers throughout Canada. This means Elite has a product list of approximately 4000 items with access to many more. With this product depth, sales have grown at over thirty-five percent annually. Elite services all sizes of customers, from the modest independent retailer, to the major grocery chains.



At Elite Inernational Foods Inc., we have over 10 years of experience and a dozen professional sales and marketing professionals that work directly with over 1000 retailers across Alberta.

 Our team of importing, warehousing, distribution and sales experts are committed to ensuring that our food suppliers and retailers receive the highest quality service while accessing the largest food consuming populations across Alberta and Canada.

Our team of dedicated professionals provide our suppliers with the following services:


Our experienced team of import experts assist our suppliers in making the importing, packaging, handling and paperwork requirements to import food products into Canada seamless.

Our team can also assist retailers in importing unique products specifically for their select chain of retail stores when order quantities warrant.


We have strategically located regional warehouses that are capable of managing inventories for a wide variety of products including dry goods, grocery, specialty and refrigerated products.

Our warehouse experts maintain the highest standards of industry and national regulatory requirements when it comes to inventory control management, handling and shipment of our suppliers' products from initial receipt to delivery to our retail partners.


We offer direct to store delivery to grocery and retail chains, drugstores, independents, specialty and deli markets across Alberta and Canada.

Service is the key to our distribution experts' success.  We offer our retail partners 48 hour turnaround on deliveries.


We have experienced and professional sales representatives that work directly with our network of over 1000 retailers across Alberta to ensure our suppliers' products are strategically marketed, restocked and serviced to ensure that the quality and freshness standards of each product is maintained.

Our team of sales and marketing experts assist our suppliers in ensuring that their packaging and marketing materials meet regional and national market and regulatory requirements.

Our experienced team can also assist suppliers in the creation and execution of international, national or regional marketing strategies that will assist our suppliers in achieving mutually agreed upon sales and marketing objectives.

We look forward to you becoming part of our family of brands and welcome any opportunity to meet with you and your team to discuss your organization's strategic goals and objectives.


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